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Welcome to Cats & Rabbits & Morecreator of the Cottontail Cottage and Hopper Hideaway playhouses. Although we are not a shelter or rescue group, we support rabbit, cat, and other small animal rescue groups by posting their adoptable animals and articles on rabbit care on this website. 

San Diego House Rabbit Society
San Diego House Rabbit Society
Featured Rabbit

San Diego: Bo & Mandy are a sweet pair of bunnies, now 5 years old. They came to us from another shelter where they were languishing. They are super sweet bunnies but a bit shy. They need a rabbit experienced home where they will feel secure and can blossom.

Bo is a little Havana boy and Mandy is a lovely Harlequin girl. Both are altered and great with their litter box. They make good use of their run time, exploring and playing in the big exercise area. Mandy is more outgoing while Bo is more shy.

Bo & Mandy would do best in an adult home or a family with older children who are bunny experienced. They are easy keepers and will need to live in a room of their own or a roomy x-pen like they have at the adoption center. Can you give this wonderful pair a new home?

Complete the adoption application and someone will get back to you. For more info, email adopt@sandiegorabbits.org.

More San Diego Companion Rabbit Society rabbits.

Rabbits are AWESOME nose wigglers!
Why Adopt a Rabbit?

Rabbits make wonderful indoor companions! They can be litterbox trained, can coexist happily with non-aggressive cats & dogs. They can live 10 years or longer. 

As indoor companion animals, they provide affection and lots of laughs with their silly antics and curious nature. They are more social, healthier, and happier when they are spayed or neutered.

They also thrive best with daily exercise, affection and companionship.

There are many rabbits throughout Southern California looking for loving homes. To see some of these great bunnies, please visit the following pages, or click the ADOPT button on our menu:

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San Diego House Rabbit Society

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