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Cottontail Cottages
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Cottontail Cottage
Cottontail Cottage
More photos below!
  • Three levels (the floors for the two upper levels are made with double-wall cardboard for extra strength)
  • Ramps between levels for easy jumping access
  • Several doors and windows at each level -- great for running through and peeking out
  • Cutouts and graphics give it the look of a quaint cottage, which will look nice in any living room
  • Blank name sign above one of the doors to write your pet's name (in non-toxic ink)
  • The front has a large opening at the bottom, and paned windows which swing open on the second level. If your rabbit or cat prefers to jump in and out from the window, it is perforated for easy removal. On the left side shown is a paned swinging door. Again, this can be easily removed, depending on your pet's preferences
  • Made of chew-safe cardboard and printed with soy-based ink
  • Recommended for rabbits under 9 pounds and cats under 15 pounds. 24" tall x 18" square. Shipped flat

This custom-made cardboard playhouse is a hit with rabbits and cats alike!

We are selling Cottontail Cottages through our distributors only. You can buy them from here:


Binky Bunny (online - USA)
101 Rabbits (online - USA)
Hop Online (online - Canada)
Zoey & Lilos Toy Box - (online - Canada ships WORLDWIDE)
San Diego House Rabbit Society - (online - ships WORLDWIDE)

In person; check when they are open:

Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue - Phoenix, AZ
Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary - Scottsdale, AZ

Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation - Los Angeles, CA
National House Rabbit Society Shelter - Richmond, CA
San Diego House Rabbit Society - San Diego, CA
Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue - San Gabriel, CA
Rabbit Haven - Santa Cruz, CA
Lucky Bunny Rabbit Rescue - Temecula, CA

Illinois: Illinois: 
Bunnies United Network (Illinois HRS chapter) - Naperville, IL
House Rabbit Society of Chicago, Winfield, IL 

Maryland/DC/Northern Virginia:
House Rabbit Society - Maryland/DC/NoVirginia

Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society - Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

Columbus House Rabbit Society - Columbus, OH
Ohio House Rabbit Rescue - Columbus, OH
F5RS - Frisky Ferrets, Fuzzies, & Feathered Friends Rescue & Sanctuary - North Lima, OH

Pennsylvania (SE)/Delaware:
House Rabbit Society Southeastern PA-Delaware Chapter

Rhode Island: 
Rhody Bun - Providence, RI

Bunny Burrow Rabbit Rescue - Fort Worth, TX
North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary - Garland, TX
Alamo City House Rabbits - San Antonio, TX

House Rabbit Society Wisconsin Chapter - Madison, WI

Critters Love Cottontail Cottages!
Below are pictures of rabbits and cats (and a dog!) enjoying their Cottontail Cottages. If you have a picture you'd like posted, e-mail it to:
Tulip & Charlie in Nashville are big fans of their Cottontail Cottage.
"Snuggles" really enjoys the cottontail cottage (both exploring it, and chewing it). She really likes the veiw from the top story. I had to re-inforce the bottom after the sprinklers went wild one day. A little white glue and thin paneling did the trick for now. A new one is on the list. Thanks for a cool product! The Turners, San Clemente, CA
Thanks to Jan with the Chicago House Rabbit Society for sending along this picture of DuPage ACC shelter bunny, Ginger, playing on her Cottontail Cottage.
This is Thumper Knorr, in Lake Arrowhead, CA.. He’s going to be 12 years old next month!!  He LOVES his Cottontail Cottage! - Linda
Here's Abby the cat and Jasper the rabbit enjoying their Cottontail Cottage together.
From Amy in New York: Here's Lowell peaking out from the second-story of his Cottage.
Here's Kahlua Loki poking his head out of his Cottontail Cottage to say "hi"!
Amy's beautiful Trixie loves playing and lounging in her Cottontail Cottage.
My bunnies (Lexy is shown in this picture) like to sleep in their cottontail cottage. We have to buy them new floors all the time because they also like to chew the floors and make a nest from the cardboard. Also their cottages are their safety places. They feel safe there, thus why they find it a good place to relax! We are very thankful for our cottontail cottages!  - Ginger
Here are my two babies (above and below), Jasper and Jovie. They are a brother and sister we got from the ARL of Des Moines, IA. - Junnia Veach
Here's Paula's 9-year-old rabbit, Kelton, surveying his kingdom on top of his Cottontail Cottage.
Lacey (top) & Beau (bottom) have a Cottontail Cottage in their pen. There is an open window on the right from which they can access the hay rack, and jump down into their litterbox below. They love lounging on the first floor.
Shelter buns Maxx & Paxton chill out in the bottom floor of the Cottontail Cottage at a recent San Diego Shelter Rabbit Adoption Day.
Ginger & Winston, foster rabbits with Friends of Rabbits in Northern Virginia (, consider their Cottontail Cottage to be their "Safe Haven," and enjoy spending quiet time together on the first floor.
Tip: You can cut out carpeting to place on each floor and/or ramp to make the Cottage more comfortable and easier for bun to navigate. Barney is enjoying the view of his kingdom.  Thanks to San Diego HRS volunteer Tina Otis for this tip and picture!
Here's Bailey surveying his kingdom from the top of his Cottontail Cottage!
Here's a unique use of the Cottontail Cottage and ramp by Alison, a volunteer with the San Diego House Rabbit Society. She has a dog, and although Lucy gets along fine with Bebe and Buddy the rabbits, there are times when the rabbits, who otherwise have free run of the area, want to be away from Lucy. Alison setup the Cottage at the entrance to their pen so that the rabbits can go in the Cottage, jump to the second level, and run down the ramp into their dog-free penned area.
Scooter and Baxter are chillin' on their Cottontail Cottage. They like their newly-added ramp, too! (below)
Lucy says, "The Cottontail Cottage isn't just for bunnies... I like it, too!"
Esther & Mordie, both adopted from Rabbit Rescue of the Triad in Kernersville, North Carolina, enjoy chasing each other through the Cottontail Cottage when their kitty sister Buffy isn't around.
"I received my order and set up the Cottontail Cottage right away. Stanley (my brave boy rabbit) hopped right in and climbed to the top. Charlotte (my timid little girl) has reached the second level. She also loves hopping right through the bottom level and through the whole on the ramp. They have been playing in it for over an hour and this is their sleep time. The next trick will be trying to get the rabbits to share with the cats. Or maybe I will just need to buy another.

Thanks so much, this is the best toy ever! Best Regards, Kristen Eisenman"
"Theodore (black bunny) takes most of his naps on the second floor and Rox (gray bunny) will sleep in the bottom. These two guys have full run of the house, but when it comes to sleeping the cottage is their bedroom. Plus Theodore loves to redecorate his bedroom and in doing this I have had to buy floor replacements and cottages. They are on their fourth cottage and I have promised them that they will always have a cottage."
Andrea, California
According to their mom Christine of Orange County, CA, the Cottontail Cottage is Greg, Fritos, and Trouble's favorite possesion! After destroying their first one, they were excited to get a new one and started playing and exploring immediately. Christine cut carpet and taped it down to the floors to add traction (see below).
Here's Lucky Wilson enjoying his Cottontail Cottage.
Here are Joann's rabbits Henry and Henrietta hanging out on the top of their Cottontail Cottage.
Max, adopted recently from Santa Barbara BUNS by Pat, enjoys his new Cottontail Cottage under the watchful eye of his feline friend.
Bijou, a fuzzy lop adopted from the Chula Vista (CA) shelter, enjoys surveying the living room from the top of the Cottage.
Frankie, former HRS foster bun, peeks out from the first floor swinging door. There's a sign above to door to write in your rabbit's name, if you choose.
CinnaBun peeks out from the second floor.
More PetSave Foundation rabbits.
Bebe (below) and Buddy (above), both adopted from San Diego area shelters, enjoy playing, exploring and just hanging out in their Cottontail Cottage. Their mom Alison finds that when she moves it to different locations in the room, it becomes very new and interesting again, and they start all over with their exploration adventures.
From Jes in St. Louis: "Just had to drop a line and say that my bunnies absolutely love the Cottontail Cottage! When I first put it together, I wondered if my little girls would be able to climb the ramps and get to the 2nd and 3rd levels, but I shouldn't have worried! Now they both have their favorite spots to hang out in their castle. One of them loves to peak from the 2nd story window like she is Rapunzel or Juliet! Often I see them both lounging together on the 2nd story, taking turns stretching out and grooming each other. But, my favorite is when one of them occasionally braves the topmost level to peak around and check out what is going on in the house. They always look so surprised to be up there with such a view of everyone! Just hilarious to watch. Thanks for making such a fun product for bunnies and bunny lovers!"
Above is handsome Toby from the San Francisco Bay Area enjoying his Cottontail Cottage.
Skimble says "Hey, CATS like it too!" They especially enjoy lounging on the top floor when the sun is shining through.
Since getting his Cottontail Cottage, CinnaBun has become less destructive around the house. As you see, he is now focusing his chewing on the Cottage!
From Connie of Hopper Home: "My rabbits (all 6 of them) love the Cottontail Cottage. You have a winner! They play for hours up and down and all over. It is rabbit-friendly and well thought out."
According to Mom Mary, Domino the rabbit and Hershey the cat usually don't like to share, but as you can see they've made an exception with their Cottontail Cottage!
From Melanie in Orange County, CA: "My little guys Jax and Sally just  love the Cottontail Cottage! Sally is more active than Jax and she goes gaw-gaw over it!  After she has played in it a while she will zoom around the apartment with joy or do her jumps and kicks of happiness. Jax finally was able to get into it last night and my husband reported to me that he enjoys climbing to the top and jumping off the roof. They are such characters. Thank you so much for providing a tool to help my buns enjoy their exercise time even more so."
From Courtney: "Here are the pictures of Pita and her Cottage. She just loves it. This was her first few days with her Cottage and she was right to the top level stretching out. I'll be ordering a few more for sure as Pita spends all day in hers. She needs one for each room of my house ;) Thanks for a great product!"

San Diego House Rabbit Society

Hopper Hideaway
Hopper Hideaway

Cottontail Cottage
​Cottontail Cottages

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